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The little things can make a big difference when it comes to meeting the needs of the patients in your dental practice. At phs Group, we can take care of the basics to help you create a clean, welcoming and compliant environment for your patients and staff.

Why phs is the leading hygiene provider for dentists

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Specialist service

We offer a range of specialist waste storage and disposal options for dentists including sharps and amalgam waste

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Flexible scheduling

Our trained technicians will deliver your hygiene services on a schedule shaped around your needs

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Full practice solution

From air purifiers to fully serviced washrooms, we can act as a single supplier to help reduce your costs

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Legal compliance

We’ll help you keep up to speed with legislation, and to comply with your duty of care

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We know that running a busy dental practice means balancing numerous priorities.

In between patient treatments, managing budgets and the requirements of your regulatory bodies, it’s easy for the maintenance schedule in your premises to fall off track.

Yet making sure you offer the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness is not just about meeting your legal responsibilities. It’s about reassuring your patients that you care about their basic needs.

At phs, we can help you create a welcoming, pleasant and hygienic environment right the way through your practice.

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09th Jan 2020


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24th Dec 2019

AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL hospital case study

AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL hospital case study

"After installing the AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL air purifiers, hospital staff saw an immediate improvement, commenting that the air in the consultation rooms was different, cleaner and noticeably fresher than the air in other areas of the hospital. In particular, the nurses who shuttled patients from waiting areas to the consultation rooms remarked that the contrast in air quality between the consultation rooms and areas not covered by the AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL air purifiers was significant."

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