Nearly 30,000 manufacturing companies trust PHS across the UK. Having served the manufacturing sector for many years, PHS can offer expert help with safety, compliance and hygiene needs.

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  • 50+ years' experience
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How PHS help manufacturers

Manufacturing environments can vary hugely, and each one will have its own unique set of needs. That's why at PHS we tailor each of our services to the customer, making sure we create a solution that fits in neatly with their business operation.

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Improving your workplace

At PHS, we aim to provide a seamless service and range of products that manufacturers and wholesalers can rely on. Wherever necessary, staff are fully accredited and always act in accordance with legislation in order to protect your business. Plus, our customer services teams are UK based and there when you need them.

  • Tailored contracts for services and one-off purchases available
  • 24/7 washrooms helpline and UK based customer service
  • Mix and match appropriate products and services
  • Take the headache out of organising workplace facilities

Decades of experience

PHS has been serving manufacturing and wholesale businesses for decades, and with over 50 years' experience as a workplace service provider, we're confident that we can improve your environment.

In an ever more challenging economic environment, we can see how important it is for businesses to make savings where they can. That's why many of our products and services are designed with sustainability, longevity and efficiency in mind.