Whether or not you’re a manufacturing wholesaler, PHS can offer you tailored solutions to keep your employees happy and save you time and money. In fact, over 12,000 UK wholesalers already trust PHS to do just that.

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Whether you’re looking to reduce consumption and improve sustainability, upgrade your existing facilities or even change from your current supplier, here's how PHS can help.


With PHS, you get the stability and experience of a large supplier who has been keeping UK businesses clean, safe and compliant for over 50 years.

Everything we offer is built around you and delivered at your convenience, so you can rest assured that there will be no disruption to your business.

  • Time and money saving solutions
  • Service visits arranged at your convenience
  • Expert facilities advice
  • 24/7 washrooms helpline
  • Expert, knowledgeable staff

The wholesale industry is fast moving, demanding, and never really sleeps. Working with well over 10,000 wholesale businesses, we are used to these conditions, so all of our products and solutions are built with flexibility and cost efficiency in mind.

We know that the products and services we supply need to work and be maintained without disruption but that when something does go wrong, help is only a phone call away.


Washroom services

Whether your washrooms are for employees or visitors, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment is key.

Size: 5.49 MB


Crate services food RTP

Our food packaging can provide an easy to manage solution with controlled, predictable costs and minimal impact to the environment.

Size: 5.72 MB


Matting and floorcare

Explore our range of matting and floorcare services to see how PHS can help you.

Size: 8.71 MB


Safety services

PHS can help meet your compliance requirements which are essential to protect your organisation’s investments.

Size: 1.36 MB


Water dispensers

PHS is Europe's leading supplier of mains fed hot and cold water dispensers.

Size: 1.21 MB