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Councils and public service providers

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For all councils and public bodies, budgets are tight while demand for services is growing. We know you are under pressure. At phs Group, we can work with you to take care of the basics, helping you create a safe, hygienic environment for your staff while saving you money and time.

Why phs is the leading provider for councils and public service providers

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Sensitive servicing

We are flexible, delivering discreet services on a schedule tailored to the needs of your staff and visitors.

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Single supplier

On a single site, or over multiple locations, we’ll save you time and money by meeting all your hygiene and safety needs.

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Wide product range

From fully serviced washrooms to floorcare and waste disposal, our product range will cover your needs.

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Legal compliance

We will ensure that safety and hygiene at your establishment is handled strictly in line with current legislation and according to best practice guidelines.

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Councils and public bodies provide a wide range of services that affect every part of our daily lives.

We all expect our public bodies to lead by example. When it comes to health, safety and hygiene it is essential that your own facilities match the standards you set for others.

We know how difficult it can be. Budgets are increasingly tight, public demand for services is growing, and it can be easy to overlook the basics in your buildings.

At phs, we will work with you to deliver affordable solutions that create a clean, safe and comfortable working environment for your visitors and staff.

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22nd Jul 2019

phs supports school’s environment drive

phs supports school’s environment drive

phs LifeCycle is a patented process that shreds and compresses wet waste to extract the liquid, chemically treats dry waste and turns it into waste bales to be used as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). All sanitary waste from the school is now processed in this way. In addition, phs supplied air cleaners and fresheners and vending machines to create a more pleasant and welcoming washroom environment across the school.

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