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Case Study: Improving air quality for George Perkins Day Nursery

Based on the outskirts of Birmingham, George Perkins Day Nursery is a home from home for its children. Rated as an ‘outstanding provider’ by Ofsted, the nursery has been praised for its wonderful and nurturing staff with high expectations for children’s learning and care. Helping children build healthy, happy and hope-full lives is its core value.

The challenge
Research has found indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoors. What’s more, reports have revealed children in the UK are breathing in fine particle pollution at levels higher than WHO guidelines, putting them at risk of lifelong health problems.

George Perkins is a busy nursery close to a major city centre and adjacent to a main road. It wanted to find out how air purifiers could reduce children’s exposure to indoor air pollution as well as other contaminants such as germs, odours and allergens.

The solution
As part of a trial into the effectiveness of indoor air cleaning, phs installed two state-of-the-art AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL air purifiers at George Perkins. These air purifiers are designed to improve indoor air quality and clean the air, removing 99.9% of particulates. This includes harmful germs such as colds, flu and the norovirus, allergens such as pollen, contaminants and odours.

The impact
Air quality tests revealed the air inside George Perkins Day Nursery was THREE times cleaner following the installation of the air purifiers; reducing from 36,000 particulates per litre of air to as little as 11,900. Most importantly, feedback revealed the nursery saw a drop in child sickness as well as a reduction in odours.

Sarah Presswood, Nursery Manager, said: “The air purifiers enhance the quality of the environment the children are in. Odours have definitely been reduced and we have seen less illness in the room that has the purifiers than in other rooms so we’re hoping they really will help keep the children healthy”


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