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How can facilities management companies ensure buildings are safe and hygienic?

Safe and welcoming interior environments are even more important during the winter months, as people seek comfort in cosy environments that can help them beat the winter blues.

From covid trapping air purifiers to pre-treated phs SteriHandles, hygiene is a great way to boost the mood and wellbeing off building users. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, there really is nothing better than being in a safe and clean environment

By working with a hygiene services provider, you can easily increase the services you offer your clients without having to make any capital investments.

It’s time to get ready for winter

phs can manage all your hygiene needs. Acting as a single supplier, with nationwide multi-site contracts available. The hygiene experts at phs already work across a range of sectors, from offices to hotels, so have an in-depth understanding of the standards facilities management clients expect.

Six ways to enhance your FM offering with phs Group

1. Remove COVID from the air

You can make interior environments more appealing with air purifiers that are proven to remove 99.99% of germs and viruses from the air, including COVID-19.

Clean air is proven to improve perceptions of a facility while improving the health, wellbeing, and productivity of building users.

Read the phs Clean Air Guide to learn why clean air matters, and explore the extensive benefits air purification devices can provide to the facilities that you manage.


2. Safely dispose of waste

From lateral flow tests to washroom waste, make sure your rubbish is safely and securely disposed of with specialist waste bins.

phs will tailor the frequency of your collection service to match the footfall of your premises. Any absorbent hygiene waste will also be disposed of via the phs LifeCycle programme. phs LifeCycle redirects waste from landfill to Energy from Waste (EfW) plants, where it’s turned into sustainable energy for the national grid.

3. Take hygiene to the next level

Save cleaning time without compromising safety, with phs SteriHandles. These handles reduce the risk of cross-contamination via interior door handles, killing 99.99% of bacteria in less than one second.

4. Boost wellbeing and building occupancy with natural elements

45% of UK consumers believe being in green spaces is vital for their mental health. Plant rental provides an easy way to create flourishing interior environments that people want to visit.

Plants are proven to boost happiness and wellbeing. With plant rental from phs Greenleaf, you can opt for classic indoor plants or create an extravagant bespoke display to match your brand image.

5. Reclaim floor space

Help businesses meet sustainability goals and reclaim valuable floor space with a baler and compactor. Providing an easy way to manage large amounts of general and recyclable waste.

A new tax relief initiative from UK government allows phs Wastekit customers, who pay corporation tax, to claim back 130% of the cost of a new baler or compactor.

6. Keep everyone safe

From Statutory Testing to Mechanical Maintenance, ensure your buildings are safe and compliant with a fuss free compliance service from phs Compliance.

Why choose phs?

phs offer specialist hygiene solutions on a contracted service basis, with service frequencies tailored to suit the footfall of each premises:

  • providing innovative and reliable hygiene essentials.
  • acting as a single supplier, reducing your financial and administrative costs.
  • doing the right think for the environment by providing sustainable solutions.
  • delivering an accessible and fuss-free customer service experience.

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