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The enemy we cannot see

Imagine what a different world it would be if we could see the coronavirus. Or any bugs and viruses for that matter. Sitting on our surfaces, lurking in corners, floating in the air. But unfortunately, they’re invisible, and in shared spaces like hospitals, care homes and offices, germs and viruses can quickly multiply and cause series health problems to staff, visitors and patients.

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Cleaning staff do an excellent job at cleaning healthcare settings in particular, but there is only so much that can be done day-to-day, and not all have access to the correct cleaning utensils or have the resources to use them. Despite our best efforts to keep shared spaces clean and sparkling, the reality is that most still create an ideal breeding ground for contagious bugs and viruses. Regular cleaning can remove superficial soiling, marks and grime but expert support is required to eradicate ingrained dirt and the more sinister, hidden germs and bacteria that thrive in urinals, toilets and basins. 

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We are by your side

But we can help. We’ve been the experts at deep cleaning for years, but we’ve now launched an emergency-response cleaning service for organisations affected by coronavirus alongside a supply of essential hygiene products for hospitals, care homes and healthcare settings.

cleaning specialist

Premises which have had a case of coronavirus will be deep cleaned and sanitised by the emergency taskforce from phs Interclean, the specialist cleaning division of phs Group. Reported cases will be treated with the utmost urgency and aimed to be cleaned within 24 hours of commission. It is also operating deep cleaning for organisations wanting to maintain hygienic premises and reducing the risk of infection.

The phs Interclean taskforce operates seven days a week, around the clock and is nationwide – with dedicated operatives in all regions of the UK as well as covering Ireland and Northern Ireland. All technicians are fully trained to the highest level of health and safety as well as being CRB checked and using full PPE including face visors, masks, disposable overalls, gloves and over-shoe covers for comprehensive protection. The bespoke products and cleaning procedures are highly effective for sanitisation and decontamination with steam cleaning for fabric surfaces and difficult to reach areas.

We can also help you with a regular deep clean of your washroom or kitchen, along with specialist clinical cleaning, floor and blind cleaning, and pressure washing. Call our specialists today to book in a maintenance programme.


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