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What a Difference a Commercial Mat Makes!

Sports centre gym loose fitted mat

Commercial mats don’t just make your premises look pretty. Shock absorbing mats for health and safety; brush matting to remove shoe dirt and reduce cleaning bills; and logo mats that can extend your branding or communicate important messages - floor mats are much more than just a pretty face.

Matting plays a key part in the floorcare routine of the building you care for, and also help to look after your staff. Industrial rubber matting and non-slip mats for kitchens, washrooms and areas where spillages can happen are probably already part of your company’s commitment to health and safety. As well as protecting your colleagues, commercial mats also help to protect floors from damage as it’s much cheaper to replace a mat than an entire floor of tiles or floorboards.

Loose lay mats can be placed wherever needed, as a permanent or temporary solution. They are easily re-sited and can be periodically removed for deep cleaning. Alternatively, dirt trapper mats cut to size are an excellent choice for entrance matting and can be situated in mat wells or on any floor area. As the name suggests, they are excellent for picking up dirt and bacteria, especially useful in our fight against COVID-19.

Why do I need industrial matting?

If a facilities manager ever needed a best friend, the commercial mat is it. It can be a helping hand in many situations and usually requires little more cleaning than your premises’ ordinary flooring. When deciding which kind of mat is suitable for which location, assistance is always available from leading commercial mat suppliers, such as phs. Not only can we supply and deliver a huge range of specialist industrial matting, we can also provide regular servicing and cleaning to ensure that your floor mats remain effective, no matter what your staff and visitors throw at them.

Durability and effectiveness are two of the main characteristics of a good commercial mat. They must cope with not only removing foot-borne or wheel-borne dirt but also keeping hold of it so that it doesn’t spread through the floors of your building or, indeed through the air. Entrance matting can make a building look and smell better and even improve air quality while being able to handle a potentially large footfall.

A commercial mat for all seasons

Mats are multifunctional. As well as providing the key features of dirt management and creating that great first impression that will attract customers and reassure visitors, matting can also help with other workplace situations that could otherwise cause inconvenience at best and unsafe conditions at worst:

Stopping dirt at the door – we’ve already talked about dirt trapper mats cut to size to guard entrances from street or garden mud and grime. Rubber outdoor mats and heavy duty door mats outside can stop a good deal of dirt reaching the front door in the first place. Used in conjunction with good brush matting, you’ll find that daily floorcare is much more manageable, even in cold and wet months.

Soothing back and leg pain – being on your feet for long periods of time can cause aching muscles, not to mention poor morale. Anti fatigue matting offers cushioning and ergonomic properties to make standing more bearable.

Preventing tumbles – one of the most common causes of workplace accidents, slips, trips and falls, can be guarded against by the use of a shock absorbing mat or a non slip mat for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where spillages can make floors slippery.

Providing a warm welcome – having said that commercial mats are so much more than just a pretty accessory, it’s always nice to arrive at a well-presented building where the business owners take pride in their operations. Logo mats communicate the corporate image and a feeling that the organisation is confident of the way it supplies its product or service.

Sharing information – logo mats can also be used as message mats, reminding staff or customers of required or recommended actions, offers or directions.

Stopping messes – absorbent mats are needed to soak up water and spillages in lots of different areas. For example, vending mats capture drinking water or hot beverage splashes, and washroom hand dryer mats capture drops of water as users dry their hands. Keeping liquids off the floor helps reduce cleaning time and the risk of slipping.

Keeping staff and visitors safe – messaging mats or simply different coloured standard mats can indicate different zones for access or PPE requirements, or help direct a one-way system for covid or crowd management.

There are plenty more reasons why you might need to install any one of a number of different commercial mats. Whether that be anti-fatigue mats, rubber outdoor mats, industrial rubber matting or brush matting, there’s always the right mat for the right place. Get in touch with phs to make sure that you’re getting all the help you can from our friendly mat.

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