Carpet cleaning

In a business environment, carpets need much more than daily vacuuming. Often, carpets are replaced due to dirt and staining but this can be a premature reaction and a needless waste of money. We make it easier to maintain a smart entrance way and corporate environment with our high quality carpet cleaning programme. Regular carpet cleaning can also dramatically extend the lifespan of your carpets, saving you money along the way.

  • Full site audit
  • Stain removal included
  • Extends life of carpets
  • Expert knowledge and advice provided
  • Servicing tailored to your budget
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  • What to expect
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Your carpets are subject to different levels of soiling at different areas throughout the building. Reception areas and walkways, for example, are likely to require cleaning more often and our floor maintenance programme reflects this.

Using a variety of techniques, our expert technicians can improve the condition of even the most heavily soiled carpets, prolonging the life of the carpet and your budget.

After evaluating the level and type of staining on the carpet, we select the correct cleaning agents and processes to achieve the best results. Stains are then spot treated with our unique stain removal product. This can also be supplied to your cleaning staff to use on stains as and when they appear.

Our restoration service is a one off deep clean for your carpets and can bring them back to an acceptable condition from where they can be maintained.

  • Extends the life of your carpets
  • Specialist servicing for your carpet type and staining levels
  • Stain protection and spot treatment provided with the service
  • Reduces the need for carpet replacements, saving you money
  • Maintains presentable environment for customers, visitors and staff
  • A full site audit will be completed, taking into account the current condition of the carpet, area usage and types and levels of soiling
  • A maintenance programme is provided, specifically tailored to your budget and site requirements
  • Cleaning can is completed outside of business hours to avoid disruption
  • We can then offer advice for your cleaners on daily and spot stain cleaning methods

PHS supply a variety of specialist matting and floorcare services. The price of carpet restoration and deep cleaning services are based on the size of the area treated and the level of restoration work required.


Specialist cleaning

At PHS, we provide specialist and bespoke cleaning services for both interiors and exteriors to make sure that your site is compliant and clean across all areas.

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