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Floor Cleaning

Talk About Floor Cleaning
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Floor Cleaning

The state of your floors can say a lot about your organisation, and simple surface cleaning may not always be enough to give out the right message. At phs Group, the leading service for professional floor cleaners in the UK, we have the specialist skills and equipment needed to restore your floors and save you the expense of replacing them.

Why phs is the leading provider in floor cleaning services

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All floor types

From carpets to vinyl, wood and stone, we have the specialist equipment and skills needed to restore any floor type to as good as brand new.

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Cost savings

Our professional floor cleaning solution is a highly cost-effective alternative to replacing expensive flooring.

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Enhanced life-span

Our expert commercial floor cleaners will replace your floor’s protective layer, making it hard-wearing well into the future.

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Flexible services

We’ll restore your floors at the best times for you, limiting any disruption for your organisation.

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Other Specialist Cleaning Services

The state of your floors can say a lot about you. 

Clean, hygienic reception areas and well-kept walkways are an important part of presenting the right ‘front-of-house’ image to your customers, visitors or staff.

Your on-site cleaners likely do a great job from day-to-day, but the countless feet trailing across your floors all take their toll. No matter how often they are surface cleaned, floors begin to look tired and worn.

At phs, we’ve got the specialist cleaning skills and equipment you need to restore your floors to their former glory and avoid expensive replacement costs.

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Industry insights from our experts

Aeramax professional on a washroom wall


Clear air. It saves lives.

Phs Group author image lozenge

phs Group

01st Apr 2020


The Hygienic Efficacy of Different Hand-Drying Methods

james watkins

James Watkins

19th Mar 2020

Pink sanitary products


phs launches new range of environmentally-friendly products to combat period inequality

Phs Group author image lozenge

phs Group

16th Mar 2020

AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL hospital case study

AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL hospital case study

"After installing the AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL air purifiers, hospital staff saw an immediate improvement, commenting that the air in the consultation rooms was different, cleaner and noticeably fresher than the air in other areas of the hospital. In particular, the nurses who shuttled patients from waiting areas to the consultation rooms remarked that the contrast in air quality between the consultation rooms and areas not covered by the AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL air purifiers was significant."

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