Diseases that May Inhabit Your Workplace Restroom

Workplace diseases account for 2.4 million deaths every single year, with 200,000 being in Europe alone.

Skin diseases, infections, contagious viruses and more are among the list of common workplace diseases that can be a result of neglecting waste collection services, sharps disposal, restroom hygiene or other necessary workplace cleaning tasks.

There is also the risk of workplace-related diseases caused by exposure to dangerous chemicals or biological agents, making things like clinical waste removal an absolute necessity.

Failing to keep up with the appropriate workplace restroom requirements can lead to staff and visitors alike being at risk of nasty workplace germs.

Let’s take a look at the kinds of diseases from public restrooms we need to be aware of:


Public Bathroom Diseases

Public Washroom

Common bacteria and viruses found in public or workplace bathrooms include:

  • E.coli
  • Shigella
  • Hepatitis A
  • Streptococcus
  • Staphylococcus
  • The common cold virus (especially if hand washing isn’t correctly enforced, or supplied)

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is full of dangerous organisms that can cause unnecessary work absences, serious illnesses, or even death in severe cases.

When a workplace bathroom isn’t cleaned regularly or comprehensively enough, or supply of washroom consumables are interrupted, everyone who uses a bathroom is a potential risk of these infections. 

Sinks, tap handles, door handles, cubicle locks, flushes and more all provide potential ways for these bacteria to be transmitted between people, and the small pockets of moisture found all-around public bathrooms can help them to stick around for longer.

Employees or visitors who fail to wash their hands can even carry these diseases outside of the washroom and onto other objects around the workplace, which means taking the appropriate steps to encourage and remind people to wash their hands while providing appropriate cleaning products can make a huge difference. The appropriate workplace hygiene practices can save organisations money, not only in preventing unnecessary absences but also by giving a good first impression to visitors or customers.


How to Prevent Workplace Infection & Disease

There are a variety of steps businesses can take to reduce the risk of contagious illnesses, including:

Clean Floors Appropriately

It can be tempting to clean floors using a one-size-fits-all strategy, but unfortunately, this simply will not work when it comes to sterilising floors and killing bacteria. Different floors require different floor cleaning products and methods, and failing to use the appropriate strategy is tantamount to not cleaning the floor at all.

Enforce Workplace Hygiene Practices

As discussed above, encouraging and reminding employees to clean their hands properly is a great start, but other great workplace hygiene practices include providing access to hand sanitizer, encouraging sick days to prevent turning your office into a hive of infection, and ensuring eating and drinking is kept to the appropriate areas.

Use Products Specifically Designed to be Hygienic

Using the right product for the job can mean all the difference between collecting bacteria and passing it on to others, and maintaining a stable environment where this is impossible. Our roller towel cabinets are treated with antimicrobials in order to prevent passing on germs, and our industrial laundry services are specifically designed to remove and kill all viruses. For most workplace hygiene products, versions like this are available and are always safer and more hygienic than the generic, home versions.

For Healthcare Organisations, This Goes to a Whole New Level

Hospitals, dental surgeries, doctor’s surgeries, and even aesthetic clinics can be hotbeds of viruses and infection. In order to prevent patients from coming in sick and leaving sicker, appropriate measures must be taken including:


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Working with us can be the difference between a clean, healthy and enthusiastic workforce, and one racked by illness.

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