Hygiene advice for safely navigating National Lockdown

With lockdowns currently in place across all four nations of the UK, essential businesses that remain open will be looking to improve the safety of their premises, while those that are shut will be busy planning for a safe reopening.

In November 2020, an independent consumer survey found that one in five consumers were not confident in the hygiene measures businesses had put in place, with women more likely to have concerns than men. COVID-19 cases in the UK have increased since this survey was conducted, so it’s likely that this sentiment is still felt by many people across the UK.

It’s important that businesses work to increase consumer confidence, while putting their employee safety first. Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic, the hygiene experts at phs have been busy working hard to identify areas that businesses should be focusing on, and we’ve pulled together their latest advice on getting through the current National Lockdown.

An air of safety
Aircare specialists

One key element that has been missing from COVID-19 safety messaging is air care. The virus is known to spread through the air and the risk of infection in interior environments can easily be reduced by air purification systems that capture virus particles. These easy-to-use automated devices blend into any environment, with portable and wall-mounted solutions available.

Speaking on how COVID-19 is able to spread through the air, Paul Linden, Professor of Fluid Mechanics at Cambridge University, said: “Due to the winter weather and temperature, we’re less likely to open doors and windows so ventilation drops as a consequence. The air we breathe is then more concentrated with particulates and, therefore, if someone within the environment has COVID-19, we’re more likely to become infected. It’s even conceivable you could be exposed to coronavirus aerosols up to two hours after an infected person has left a building.”

phs can supply, install, and maintain air purifiers from the AERAMAX and BIOZONE Ranges. These professional air purifiers effectively kill 99.9% of airborne viruses, bacteria, pollutants, and allergens from the air. There are several devices to choose from, with options to suit different sized rooms.

The importance of clean air should never be underestimated, click here to find out why.

Effortlessly encourage compliance

With COVID restrictions set to be in place throughout 2021, it makes sense for businesses to invest in long term solutions. In many businesses, employees are still having to spend an excessive amount of time reminding people to wash their hands and follow rules, which can be time consuming and draining.

To help save time, and employee voices, phs are offering a new product that will easily grab the attention of people passing through your premises and encourage them to maintain good hand hygiene. Sanitiser Sentinel is a standalone unit designed to be wall-mounted near hand sanitiser or soap dispensers. When the unit detects a person nearby, an LED light will flash, and a recorded voice message will be played to remind them to clean their hands; providing you with a simple and effective solution.

You could also use Plant-topped Directional Signage to provide a modern solution to social distancing requirements while brightening up your interior environment. This modern signage solution has been designed to grab the attention of visitors and employees, encouraging them to follow safety rules. To learn more about how plants can be used to provide a natural boost to interior environments, read this blog from our friends at phs Greenleaf.

Stock up on essentials
Hand sanitiser
Good hand hygiene is still a key element in the fight against COVID-19, but it can be hard to know what’s best for your business. To ensure you make the best choice, you need to factor in the footfall of your environment and the needs of your customers and employees.

At phs, we offer a range of hand sanitiser and dispensers that are available on a fully-serviced contract, ensuring you’re always prepared. If you’re unsure of what hand sanitiser is best for your business, read our factual advice to ensure you’re making an informed decision.

Don’t forget to bin it
PPE bin
Used PPE, such as disposable face masks, gloves, and aprons, could potentially be infected, even if the person who wore it has no symptoms. If you’re providing your employees with disposable PPE due to COVID-19, then you should also provide them with a safe way to dispose of these items.

phs can provide your business with a 65L PPE bin that is perfect for masks, gloves, and other disposable PPE. This bin is pedal operated, removing the need for hand contact and reducing the risk of cross infection. It is available as part of a bespoke service agreement to suit your business needs; which includes on-site cleaning of the bin exterior.

Everything you need

The cost-effective phs COVID-secure bundle is designed to provide you with everything you need to keep your customers and employees safe. What’s included:

  • AERAMAX II (for spaces up to 30m2) or AERAMAX III (or spaces between 30m2to 65m2)
  • 2L or 5L Auto Sanitiser dispenser (White)
  • AIRSTREAM PURE with HEPA Filters (White)
  • Automatic Sanitary Bin (Any colour)
  • COVID-secure plaque to display in your premises.

Why choose phs?
As key workers providing vital hygiene services, our team of Drivers, Technicians, and Account Managers are available to support you through the Coronavirus Pandemic and beyond.

We have extensive experience of providing hygiene solutions to every sector you can think of, so why not speak to one of our experts to discuss your needs? They’ll happily provide you with recommendations to suit your business environment and budget.

Making it our business to help you adapt to the new normal.

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