International Men's Day: Advocating for Washroom Equality

International Men's Day, celebrated on November 19th every year, is an occasion to reflect on and raise awareness about the challenges and issues faced by men today. At phs Group, our purpose is ‘putting people at the hearts of our products and services’ – and our work on washroom equality is a demonstration of how we deliver on this purpose.

In this blog, we'll discuss how phs is actively involved in supporting men's well-being and dignity through various initiatives, including male incontinence bins, our partnership with Prostate Cancer UK, and lobbying for change in men's washroom.


Male Incontinence Bins: Disposing with Dignity

Incontinence is a common issue affecting many men, but the stigma associated with it can make dealing with this condition a challenging and often embarrassing experience. phs recognise the importance of providing discreet and hygienic solutions for men facing male incontinence. Our Male Incontinence Bins are designed to help men dispose of incontinence products with dignity, ensuring that they can manage their needs discreetly in public washrooms.

Prostate cancer is a significant health concern for men, affecting 1 in 8 men, rising to 1 in 4 in black men. Prostate Cancer UK is a leading charity dedicated to supporting those affected by prostate cancer and funding research into the disease. phs are proud to partner with Prostate Cancer UK to better understand and address the struggles men face in dealing with prostate cancer, male incontinence, and the facilities available to them.

Dispose with Dignity and create washroom equality with us.

Lobbying for Change

One of the most significant steps in promoting washroom equality for men is to ensure that male incontinence bins are readily available in public washrooms. To advance this cause, phs is actively involved in lobbying to the government, and even hosted a Parliament drop-in session earlier this week, advocating for the placement of male incontinence bins in men's washrooms. By working with decision-makers and lawmakers, we aim to improve access and support for men facing incontinence challenges.

Check out the phs Male Incontinence Bins.

Initiating Male Incontinence in Prisons

Recognising the need for support in even the most challenging environments, phs is collaborating with Sodexo to introduce male incontinence facilities in across their estates and customer estates. As part of International Men’s Day and Men’s Health Awareness month, phs alongside Jonathon Hall, Member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group, will be joining Sodexo at Forest Bank prison in the north of England, to create awareness and support all men, regardless of their circumstances. This initiative acknowledges that men in correctional institutions should have access to essential services that promote their well-being and dignity.

Promoting Washroom Equality in Construction Spaces

The construction industry is traditionally male-dominated, and the availability of washroom facilities that address male incontinence is often lacking. phs are partnering with the Considerate Construction Scheme, GRAHAM and Balfour Beatty to support men who experience male incontinence or Prostate Cancer, bringing awareness and practical solutions to the construction space, ensuring that men working in this industry have access to facilities that cater to their needs.

Download our construction campaign toolkit here.

In addition to the initiatives mentioned above, phs is working with businesses across the country to provide washroom equality for men. Our commitment to supporting men's well-being extends to various sectors, from corporate offices to educational institutions and healthcare facilities. By providing discreet and hygienic solutions for male incontinence, we are helping men live well and with dignity.

International Men's Day serves as a reminder of the challenges and issues men face today. At phs, we are proud to be advocates for washroom equality for everyone, addressing issues like male incontinence with practical solutions and support. Our partnership with Prostate Cancer UK, involvement in lobbying for change, and initiatives in prisons and construction spaces are all steps toward achieving this goal.

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