Value - Free Water Consultancy Services

phs leads the market in water management systems, urinal services and sanitising and cleaning products for the washroom. We’ve been developing innovative and patented water saving products for decades.

But we recognise when it comes to creating savings in the washroom, it’s not just about the products. Rather than simply focusing on the efficiencies that can be delivered by water management and just installing products, we can take control of your water expenditure by offering a full and free water consultancy service, to uncover and deliver cost savings to your business. For many organisations, water efficiency can provide an opportunity to save money and energy, to reduce water consumption and to minimise its impact on the environment.

We understand collaboration, especially in advance of the buying process, is key for business owners, facilities managers and sustainability professionals to deliver water savings within an organisation. Through this consultative approach, we can bring in technical experts to unblock urinal pipes, or resolve remedial work to ease the flow of water, to maximise the opportunities that already exist in your washroom.

And as no two businesses are the same, our Business Development Managers can deliver unique and professional efficiencies as water experts, and offer strategic advice as consultants. Whether you’re thinking of transitioning your washroom business to phs, or simply looking to enhance your profitability through water savings, once any issues have been resolved, we can then reintroduce an effective water management system and identify further efficiency measures. We will then continue to ensure your products are maintained in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Meet our experts

Liam Greenall has been in the washroom hygiene industry for over 14 years, and is a fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.

A keynote speaker at edie sustainability forum, the leading sustainability and efficiency event in the UK, Liam shared his years of expertise on the benefits of a circular economy with industry professionals across the country. Topics covered included the value of hand dryer’s verses paper towels, washroom waste to energy rather than landfill and the need for air quality improvements for employee’s and customer welfare to create a clean air environment that delivers the best possible perception of cleanliness.

Liam works with the UK’s largest blue chip brands to look beyond the product in a washroom and identify solutions that deliver their sustainability goals. From measuring water consumption and identifying excessive usage through taps, wc’s and urinal cisterns, he focuses on working with key operational, sustainability and health and safety stakeholders to provide bespoke solutions that deliver water-saving opportunities, whilst optimising hygiene and other associated costs that hit the bottom line.

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