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Introducing the driving force behind phs apprenticeships

Within phs, you may have started to hear a lot more about our apprenticeship schemes. That’s because more than 150 phs staff are completing, or have completed, an apprenticeship.

Our apprenticeships are designed to help staff become the best they can be; maximising their potential and supporting career progression. And all of this is thanks to Work-Based Learning Lead Julie Harries.

Julie joined phs in October 2019 after working for a training provider, supporting the delivery of apprenticeships to employers. Her role at phs is to promote apprenticeships across the business, speak to employees about the benefits of the scheme and match up apprenticeships with their job role. She also sources training providers and supports learners along the process.

In just over a year, phs’ apprenticeship programme has been transformed. While around 30 were completing an apprenticeship when she first started, today there are 120 with more in the pipeline to start over the next month.

“As a leading hygiene services provider, phs is always keen on driving innovation and change in the industry, focusing on the challenges that matter most to our customers and their customers,” says Julie. “As the learning and development team, we see our role to be at the heart of supporting the ongoing development of employees which in turn helps them to deliver market-leading service to customers.”

Under Julie’s tenure, the number of apprenticeship courses has expanded covering a range of fields across all levels, starting from Level 2 – GCSE level – to a Level 7 – Masters. Topics range from Business Administration, Customer Service, Management, Project Management, Sales Executive, Learning and Development, Data Analytics and Team Leading to Facilities Services Operatives, Textile Care Operatives, Electricians and Gas Engineers.

Julie expands: “Apprenticeship training helps employees to improve their skills, knowledge, qualifications and motivation which benefits the company in the long term as well as acting as a conduit for career progression. 

“For me, one of the most positive things I am proud of is the diverse number of apprenticeships people are now doing. There really is something for everyone. Having only been with the company just over a year, one of the nicest things is to see an apprentice complete their course and then go on to progress to another – either at a higher level or in a different field.”

Looking forward, Julie hopes that more phs staff will realise the value of apprenticeships and start the journey themselves.

“We have a lot of money in the pot ready to fund apprenticeships,” adds Julie. “All we need is our staff to invest in themselves and put their names forward. The importance of continuing professional development cannot be overstated. It not only ensures you continue to be competent in your profession but also that you continue to learn, develop and progress. Learning is an ongoing process and continues throughout your career. With a company behind you that is willing to invest both the funds and the time for you to progress and learn, it’s a no brainer.”

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