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Flowsaver Xtra

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Flowsaver Xtra

An intelligent water saving device. Created to prevent unnecessary and wasteful urinal flushing, without compromising on hygiene. The FLOWSAVER XTRA is designed to reduce water wastage in washrooms by using innovative technology to prevent excessive urinal flushing during periods of low usage. This will reduce the cost of your businesses water bills, while having a positive environmental impact.

The perfect partnership The FLOWSAVER XTRA works perfectly with the ECOSHIELD to provide a complete hygiene solution for urinals. It works to remove blockages, keep urinal traps and pipework clear.

Displays live information, including water saving statistics and flush frequency.

Flow sensor technology measures water flow and provudes more efficient water savings.

A battery-operated unit, no mains electrical installation required.

A fully serviced unit, withphs ensuring it is always working efficiently.

Engineers will install and service the device to ensure efficiency and compliance.

Easily work towards your sustainability goals, and save money, by reducing water waste generated from excessive urinal flushing in washrooms.

Intelligent design uses an infrared sensor to detect movement in the washroom, providing regular fushing when the washroom is in use. With hygiene flushes activated when there is no washroom traffic detected.

LCD screen provides live data to keep you informed. Information includes, average daily flushes, amount of water saved, and time to next flush.


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The washroom is often overlooked when working to reduce your businesses carbon footprint. But it only takes a few small changes to make washrooms more eco-friendly environments.

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