Call Centre Cleaning - Do Internal Cleaning Teams Cut It?

There is one thing all call centres have in common. That’s having all employees be busy all day long, usually with their attention fixated on computer screens and phones for close to 100% of the time. 

The obvious result - they get really dirty. 

Call centre employees may get time between calls to throw things in the bin or shift things around - but they never really get a serious opportunity to tidy up their working area or communal areas properly. 

From the company point of view this makes some level of sense - sales and customer service staff need to be dealing with as many people as possible, for example, and many other call centre employees are in areas like emergency response or crisis services. 

However, given the effects a clean office has on productivity, this is far from an ideal situation. 

Cleaning for Call Centres 

Many call centres are huge - with floor after floor of employees and workspaces. While some are much smaller, they are likely to be fairly densely packed with employees. 

Computers and phones can be some of the most time consuming and fiddly things to clean, with the space between every button needing attention, dusty wires and screens, etc. 

That’s without mentioning the communal spaces such as bathrooms and eating areas.  

The standard situation for most call centres is to hire an internal cleaning team. Such a team will of course learn to clean electrical items correctly and use the correct products in order to do the job as well as possible. 

However, there are multiple downsides. 

Firstly, this is the most expensive and time consuming way to do it - as you are taking on not only the management and training of the cleaning team, but the stocking of items, scheduling of cleaning, individual strategies for different areas, etc. 

Secondly, an internal cleaning team can only carry out tasks during their paid hours, usually when the call centre is open and at its most busy. 


Could Outsourcing Your Call Centre Cleaning Be Better? 

Outsourcing your call centre cleaning tasks to a call centre cleaning service will save you a lot of money.  

It also completely takes the entire issue out of your hands - taking care of scheduling, products, strategies, and more, leaving you to focus your attention on your business. 

Even better, they can enter your premises, carry out the tasks necessary, and leave with zero interruption to your employees - including during quieter times such as twilight shifts, the weekend or even when the call centre is otherwise completely closed. 

They can even alternate between floors or rooms, ensuring that the skeleton crew of employees that may be present during such times always have a place to work. 

There may also be times when call centres get extremely chaotic and busy - for example in an insurance company after a large storm causes a lot of damage, or in airlines after flights are cancelled due to covid-related issues. 

At such times, internal cleaning teams have to be paid and present at work anyway, despite the fact they are likely to be unable to achieve anything - this is a huge waste of money. 

Call centre cleaning services, however, will be happy to schedule around such times, carrying out tasks quickly and comprehensively when the coast is clear, and removing themselves when it’s busy, making interruptions or background noise such as vacuum cleaners a non-issue. 

Cleaning in call centres can not take a back seat, no matter how busy they are - increased bacteria will turn to increased staff sickness and absence, and that’s without mentioning loss of morale and productivity even while in the workplace. Inviting new employees or visitors to see the building can also create a negative first impression if screens are dusty and phone buttons are stuck with gunk. 

At the end of the day, the cleaning tasks should work around the primary tasks of the call centre - and never the other way around. 

Commercial Call Centre Cleaning Services 

phs is the UK’s leading call centre cleaning company. We have operations centres across the UK, making us your #1 local operator regardless of your location. 

Our highly trained staff prioritise minimal interruption to your employees and carry out all necessary tasks to the highest standard - from the basics such as office cleaning, computer cleaning, washroom and kitchen cleaning - right the way up to more specialist tasks such as high level cleaning, pigeon deterrents and more. 

To discuss options and hear about what we can do for you, contact us now! 

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