Seasonal Floorcare Tips: Adapting to Different Weather Conditions

Maintaining clean and well-kept floors is a year-round endeavour, and companies must adapt their floor care routine to the ever-changing seasons in order to keep employees and visitors safe.

The transition from scorching summers to chilly winters is currently ongoing, bringing about various challenges for internal floor hygiene teams.

Each season presents unique issues that, when addressed appropriately, can help preserve the integrity of your floors.

As the UK’s leading provider of floorcare hygiene services to commercial buildings and organisations, we'll use this post to explore the seasonal nuances of floor care and provide valuable tips to ensure your floors remain in top-notch condition throughout the year.


Summer: Combating Dust and Debris

As the temperatures rise and summer kicks in, people become more mobile and activity-focused. This heightened activity often leads to an influx of dust and debris being tracked into our offices and commercial spaces.

To counteract this, consider implementing the following tips:

Regular Sweeping and Vacuuming:

Frequent sweeping and vacuuming are essential to remove dirt and prevent it from scratching or damaging the flooring.

Invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner with appropriate attachments for different flooring types.

Use Entrance Mats:

Place matting at entry points to capture dirt and prevent it from spreading throughout the space. This could be a permanent fitted mat or a standard entrance mat. Ensure these mats are regularly cleaned or replaced by a specialist such as phs to maintain their effectiveness.

Adjust Cleaning Frequency:

During the summer, you may need to increase the frequency of your floor cleaning routine. High-traffic areas should be cleaned more often to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime.


Autumn: Dealing with Falling Leaves, Mud and Excess Moisture

As fall arrives, trees shed their leaves, creating a picturesque scene but also bringing challenges for floor maintenance.

Additionally, the fluctuating temperatures may lead to increased humidity and moisture which may lead to people trailing mud along floors.

Here's how to tackle autumn specific floor care issues:

Prompt Leaf Removal:

Regularly sweep or use a leaf blower to remove fallen leaves from outdoor spaces. Wet leaves can pose slipping hazards and may cause stains on certain flooring materials.

Mat Placement and Maintenance:

Check and clean doormats regularly, or allow a specialist agency such as phs to handle this, as they play a crucial role in preventing outdoor debris from entering your business premises.

Addressing Moisture Issues:

Autumn often brings increased humidity. For areas prone to moisture, such as basements and entranceways, consider using dehumidifiers to prevent mould and mildew growth.


Winter: Battling Snow, Salt, and Moisture

Winter brings a unique set of challenges, especially in years with significant snowfall.

The combination of snow, salt, and moisture can be particularly harsh on floors.

To protect your floors during the winter months, consider the following tips:

Snow Removal Protocols:

Establish a snow removal plan for outdoor areas. Promptly remove snow and ice to prevent water from being tracked indoors, and use safe de-icing methods that won't harm your flooring.

Floor Mats with a Purpose:

Upgrade to heavy-duty entrance mats designed to handle snow and salt. These mats should be large enough to allow individuals to take several steps before passing over them, ensuring the majority of snow and salt is left at the door.

Frequent Mopping and Drying:

Increase the frequency of mopping in high-traffic areas to remove salt residue and prevent it from causing damage over time.

Ensure floors are thoroughly dried after cleaning.


Spring: Addressing Pollen and Allergens

Spring is synonymous with blooming flowers and rejuvenation, but it also brings a surge in pollen and allergens.

These can easily find their way indoors, impacting indoor air quality and the cleanliness of your floors. Consider the following strategies for a spring-ready floor care routine:

Regular Dusting and Mopping:

Dust and mop surfaces frequently to remove pollen and allergens that may have settled on floors. Use a damp mop to capture and remove particles effectively.

Invest in Air Purifiers:

Consider using air purifiers in indoor spaces to reduce the concentration of airborne allergens. This can complement your floor care efforts and contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

Allergy-Friendly Flooring:

Explore flooring options that are less likely to trap allergens. Smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces are preferable for individuals with allergies.

As you can see from this simple list, adapting your floor care routine to the changing seasons is crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment.

By understanding the specific challenges each season brings and implementing targeted strategies, you can ensure that your floors remain in optimal condition throughout the year.

Remember, a proactive approach to floor care not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space but also contributes to the longevity of your flooring investment.

If you’d rather have the experts handle this, allowing you and your staff to focus on your business, consider contacting phs.

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