Why Hand Sanitising Is Still Important

Hand sanitiser has long been an important product for helping people to maintain hygiene standards, both in and out of the workplace. During the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitiser became more widely used, a simple way to help stop the spread of the virus. Most businesses installed hand sanitising stations, ensuring everyone on site could sanitise their hands as required.

Now that the pandemic is easing and most restrictions have been lifted, some people may begin to think that hand sanitising is no longer necessary. But is that really the case?

Here is why hand sanitising is still important.

Maintaining hygiene is important

Hand sanitising isn’t just a measure to prevent COVID. Hand sanitisers kill a number of common germs and bacteria, helping to prevent the spread of illnesses like common colds and flu, E. coli and more. Using hand sanitiser regularly can help people maintain better hygiene in shared spaces, preventing a range of infections from being spread.

It's also worth noting that while COVID measures have been scrapped in a lot of places, the virus is still present, and infections continue. Maintaining good hygiene continues to protect those who are most at risk of serious infection.

It’s a must for many work environments

In many work environments, hand hygiene is a must. This can include those in the healthcare sector, food and leisure industries where there are legal hygiene requirements. Having hand sanitising stations at different points in the workplace can help people maintain required hygiene standards, while accompanying signage can also provide useful reminders and instructions to employees.

It can reduce absences through promoting better health at work

In 2021, there were an estimated 149.3 million working days lost because of sickness or injury in the UK. While many of these absences were due to COVID (including mandatory self-isolation), there were still absences due to common illnesses that could be prevented through better workplace hygiene.

Using hand care services in the workplace can encourage employees to maintain better hygiene standards, helping to reduce absences and ensure the workplace is a healthier place for everyone.


It’s easy to maintain

Having hand care services provide businesses with an easy way to maintain hygiene standards. They can be less messy than soap and dryer stations, and they don’t need paper towels for drying – saving waste.

The COVID pandemic has meant that people have become used to seeing hand sanitiser available and got into the habit of sanitising regularly. Keeping hand sanitising stations around your workplace is something that’s easy to maintain and can bring a lot of benefits to your business.

How phs can help

phs is the leading provider of washroom hand care, providing you with everything your business or workplace needs to maintain good hygiene and prevent the spread of infections and bacteria. We have a wide range of hand care products that cater to a range of sectors, including healthcare, hospitality, retail and education. Effective hand care facilities benefit all workplaces, helping to make them safer and more hygienic.

If you’re interested in what phs can do to help your workplace with its washroom needs, get in touch today. You can talk to one of our experts and find out more about our services. Whatever your hand care needs, we’re here to help.

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