Coronavirus Cleaning Guide: Tips for Safely Disinfecting a Working Environment

As an employer, you have a responsibility to maintain a safe working environment for your employees. Preventing the spread of infection and disinfecting shared spaces has always been a crucial part of this process, but since the COVID-19 pandemic this has only increased in importance.

Coronavirus can easily be passed from people to surfaces and back to other people, which is why regular disinfection is necessary in workplaces, especially on door handles, desks, phone handsets and other surfaces that are regularly touched by more than one person.

As the UK’s leading provider of commercial cleaning services and healthcare cleaning servicesphs has been instrumental in fighting the spread of the novel coronavirus in the premises of some major businesses and government buildings across the country.

Based on our lengthy experience in this area, here are our tips for keeping your workplace safe and clean in order to keep staff healthy, happy and reduce absences.

Make Hand Sanitiser Available

It’s of course crucial to have your washroom consumables stocked up, as has always been the case, but it’s a good idea to add hand sanitiser to several easy to access spots around your premises. This should include the washrooms but also near entrances, in locations where people are touching objects regularly such as warehouses, and anywhere else cleanliness should be prioritised.

Clean the Workplace Regularly

This is an absolute must and failure to do so regularly increases the chance of coronavirus spreading within your workplace, which can directly lead to staff absences or worse.

All workplace cleaning should be done with government coronavirus regulations in mind.

It’s crucial that cleaning is done comprehensively and regularly as a single missed spot could contain and spread the virus making the entire task pointless.

You should identify regularly touched items and surfaces such as:

  • Switches, control panels and keyboards
  • Taps, kettles, microwaves, fridges
  • Tools, machinery, pallet trucks, cutting equipment
  • Door handles, handrails, drink dispensers

Pay More Attention to Washrooms

Washroom cleaning is a high priority area at the best of times but with the potential of spreading COVID-19 through sharing of cubicles or sinks being a very real risk, it is now even more so.

When cleaning washrooms the following must be taken into account:

  • High risk areas that may need more regular cleaning need to be identified
  • Consumables, drying facilities and soap and/or hand sanitiser should always be available
  • Bins must be emptied frequently. Ideally, foot operated bins should be used to minimise human contact
  • Signs and posters should be displayed encouraging both proper hand washing techniques and social distancing

Commercial Coronavirus Cleaning Services

If you are unable to keep up with the demands of maintaining a clean workplace, or simply would rather your internal team be focused on growing your business, phs is able to carry out all of these tasks for you.

As the UK’s leading provider of COVID cleaning services we are ready no matter your location. Our expertly trained employees have decades of hygiene experience and can carry out a full coronavirus cleaning operation without any input on your behalf, leaving you to focus your efforts where they’re needed.

To learn more about our COVID-19 cleaning services, get in touch now!

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