Easy ways to protect your workplace from Covid-19

We’re taking steps to keep you safe in the workplace

With social distancing guidelines still in place and local lockdowns on the rise, we are still very much living in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

As time progresses, it now makes more financial sense than ever for business to invest in long-term cost effective hygiene solutions that will blend seamlessly into any environment. It’s business as unusual, and phs are ready to help you adapt with modern hygiene solutions that come in a range of colours and designs.

There are three core areas that businesses must focus on to stay safe and remain open, good hand hygiene, clean air, and effective signage.

Hand care is still vital

Good hand hygiene is still a vital factor in the fight against Covid-19. The simple act of regularly washing and sanitising our hands is an easy and proven way to reduce the spread viruses and bacteria.

phs offer an extensive range of handcare products, which includes a selection of new products specifically designed to keep business and their people safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hand care solutions to consider:

  • Hand Sanitiser dispensers
    Protect your employees and visitors by investing in a reliable and easy to hand sanitiser solutions. phs has a new range of interior and exterior dispensers with 5L and 2L capacity options. Our range of dispensers include our NO-GERMS alcohol free sanitiser killing 99.9% of all germs.
  • The phs PPE Slimline vend
    A perfect way to provide protection on-the-go, stocked with pocket sized 1.5ml alcohol hand gel sachets and NO-GERMS instant hand sanitiser. Single use sachets prevent cross contamination and the spread of germs.
  • Suitable drying options
    Hand drying is an important part of the wash process as wet hands are more likely to spread bacteria than dry hands. phs offer an extensive range of hygienic electric hand drying options, including dryers with integral HEPA filters removing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the drying air.

Care about your air

We now know that Covid-19 can spread through air particles. Therefore, businesses should be looking at ways to clean their air, to provide a secure and clean environment for employees and customers.

Installing air purifiers in our premises will remove germs and allergens from your air, while stopping their spread, and reducing the rate of workplace sickness. Our range of AirCare devices can help use innovative technology to remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria from the air in your workplace. There are wall mounted and portable options available.

Air care solutions to consider:

  • The AERAMAX Range
    AERAMAX range of air purifiers come in three different sizes to suit different sized rooms and are designed to seamlessly integrate into your facility’s environment. They use HEPA filters to clean the air and carbon filtration to absorb unwanted odours.
  • The BIOZONE Range
    The wall-mounted BIOZONE and portable mini POWERZONE systems use five different methods to destroy bacteria in the air and on surfaces, with research suggesting that the BIOZONE devices are effective at fighting against Covid-19. 

Promote key messaging

The return to work, the first post-lockdown hairdressers visit, and even popping to the local shops, are still daunting experiences for many people. However, by clearly displaying guidelines and rules, such as when to wear a mask and which way to walk, you can help people feel more comfortable and confident in your premises.

To make this easier, phs has developed a range of bespoke mats to help your organisation encourage employees and customers to understand and follow the rules and guidelines

Types of mat to consider:

  • Social distancing mats
    we're offering new COVID-19 social distancing mats to help raise awareness and encourage safe hygiene practices, whilst protecting floors from premature damage, and reducing the risk of slips.
  • Message mats
    Our message mats have limitless design possibilities. You can help remind people to sanitise and wash their hands while protect floors from premature damage.
  • Hygienic Mats
    For washrooms, phs offer hygienic mats to help raise awareness and encourage safe hygiene practices.
  • Comfort Mats
    Employees standing up all day in areas like check-out stations, service counters, and assembly lines or behind bars need physical support to keep motivation and energy. The Comfort anti-fatigue mat concept is specially designed for safety, comfort and protection.

Making it our business to help you adapt to the new normal
Speak to one of our experts today to find out what hygiene solutions can support your business. phs can supply, install, and regular service products, at a time of your choosing, providing a fuss-free service based around your needs. 

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